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Unlocking Math

Rowan talks with Matthew and Alesia Blackwood, the founders of Unlock Math. We talk about “Math Anxiety” and other concepts related to math. If you don’t homeschool and just want to hear about the math concepts and programs, start at about 22 minutes in.

Also learn about their entrepreneurial journey in launching this program and how the founders were both home educated when they were students.

Here are some links so that you can learn more about Unlock Math to see if it would be a helpful resource for your homeschool or if you don’t homeschool, if their foundations program would help your student.

Here’s a news article about their business start-up:

Here’s a link to the business support network they have been part of in the Peterborough, Ontario area:

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Unlock Math

founders Matthew and Alesia Blackwood

Looking “spiffy”

The Blackwoods mentioned the book “Growing without Schooling” by John Holt. It comes in several volumes and is quite costly. Here’s another by John Holt that gives good information but is more affordable. You can also get to the Kindle version with this link:

We are part of the Amazon Affiliate program and if you choose to purchase through these affiliate links we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. This helps to keep the podcast running for free.

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