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New Canadian High School Geography Workbook!

Canadian-A Educational Resources has just created an internet-linked Canadian Geography companion workbook to the textbook Encounter Canada: Land People Environment. It has lesson plans with over 100 instructional videos and a workbook to make the textbook a complete course! Textbook + Workbook = High School Geography Credit

Here is a link to the textbook. You may already have one or they are available used on Amazon from time to time for more affordability. If you choose to use this link I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you due to my participation in the Amazon Affiliates Program. Don’t be shy… the used ones are thriftier!

Just released! A new book by the host of Canada Homeschools, Rowan Atkinson. Available as a paperback $14+shipping. See below:

New book by the host of Canada Homeschools!

New book by the host of Canada Homeschools!

I finished reading your book this morning. Well done! I really enjoyed it and it’s a keeper so I can refer back to it from time to time..
— -CD, Ontario Canada
“ was hard to take her seriously or apply her careful charts to my life. It’s a great idea to water your plants every Wednesday at 2:45 pm but in reality I have often ended up throwing dead plants over the fence into the nearby forest...I mean, composting is good, right?
— -an excerpt from Enough Already! Real Help for Homeschool Burnout, Freak Out and Zone Out