is this a religious podcast?

This is a Canadian podcast and while a large percentage of home educators in Canada do so for faith-based reasons we recognize that many do not.  Rather than avoid all faith references to please the few we want all of our podcast guests to be free to be authentic whether they adhere to a religion or do not.  It is up to the individual guest or listener to filter the content according to their worldview. Attempts will be made to host guests from a variety of backgrounds to reflect the Canadian homeschooling community.

how can i get on the podcast or recommend someone for the podcast?

We are always looking for podcast guests, especially from parts of Canada beyond Ontario.  You can reach out to us on our contact form and give us your information.  You should get permission to give us the information of a friend, unless they have a public presence such as a website that you can link us to.  We reserve the right to choose the guests for the podcast.

we are new so we don't have many FAQ's

Send us your questions via our contact form and we will do our best to answer them.