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Homeschooling in British Columbia

Homeschooling in British Columbia

An interview with blogger Teresa Wiedrick of about home education in British Columbia. Teresa is on the board of BCHEA, which is an advocacy group on behalf of BC home schoolers. Good homeschooling conversation and advice even if you don’t live in British Columbia and several mentions of puppies.

We recorded this on a Zoom call with our rural internet! ‘Nuff said.

Visit Teresa’s blog at

Teresa and her husband have four children and have been homeschooling for a decade. They have traveled extensively throughout Canada and Africa and are now creating a homestead in southern British Columbia. Teresa is a writer and blogger, and is currently working on a book about Homeschool Mama self-care, when she is not driving her kids to dance, choir and theatre rehearsals, soccer and jobs.

The advocacy group for the home schoolers of British Columbia is BCHEA, and more information can be found at

Teresa mentioned the educator and author, John Holt, in the interview. For more information on the writings of John Holt, here is the link to the Wikipedia page for his information, and at the bottom of the page there are links to two of his books:

One resource Teresa recommends is Bravewriter, a relationship-building writing program for home education. Here’s the link for that:

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