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Working While Classically Educating with Hester VanBraeden

Working While Classically Educating with Hester VanBraeden

In this episode, Rowan interviews Hester VanBraeden, second-generation homeschooling mother of four and owner of Classical Education Books. Today we’re discussing homeschooling and bringing home some bacon,but as always there is good information and encouragement for all home schoolers.

Hester’s company, Classical Education Books, is “Conveniently Canadian” and provides “books and, when necessary, curriculum”. You can get to her site via the following link:

Some of the specific resources and their links that were mentioned in the podcast by Hester are here:

Elementary Grade Enrichment Guides by MEMORIA PRE

Song School Latin

Latina Christiana

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Mom and co-founder of Classical Education Books

While we certainly encourage you to have a look at the resources offered at Classical Education Books (and they have an amazing website, by the way!), here is a link to a book about Classical Education in case you are interested in learning more about this philosophy of education:

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